Report: Aaron Rodgers not in attendance for beginning of Packers OTAs

NFC Championship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers

The Minnesota Vikings had their draft class labeled by many analysts as a win when the event wrapped up in Cleveland just a few weeks ago. The Lions and Bears also received some high praise for their respective draft classes, giving the NFC North a lot of exciting talent to look forward to for years to come. 

Despite three of the four teams in the North receiving good grades for their 2021 draft classes, there was still a much bigger storyline that circulated throughout the NFL world on draft weekend. ESPN's Adam Schefter broke some significant news saying that Aaron Rodgers’ time in Green Bay may be coming to an end. 

Those reports have continued up to this point, and it doesn’t seem like anything is getting better between the Packers’ front office and the 2020 league MVP. 

Veterans miss out on OTAs every year, but it’s worth looking into considering Rodgers has been a regular part of the Packers’ early practices year over year. It’s clear that the tension has built since the Jordan Love pick was made just over a year ago, and a breaking point may have been hit this offseason for one of the league’s best quarterbacks. 

There’s still a lot of uncertainty circulating across the border in Wisconsin, but a possible Rodgers departure from the NFC North could open up the division for years to come.

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