Vikings Offensive Woes Causing Concern as the Preseason Winds Down

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The Minnesota Vikings offense has yet to score a touchdown through two preseason games.

Let that sink in for a minute. That's not just the first team, it's not just the reserves, it's the entire offense. Through two full games the only touchdown that the Vikings have posted came by way of a pick-six from Troy Dye and the Vikings defense last night. Even though, the Vikings first team offense failed to move the ball in what will likely be their only game action and the second/third teams didn't fair much better.

Sure, you could push back and say that we haven't seen Justin Jefferson or Dalvin Cook yet, and yes Adam Thielen was limited last night after a deep thigh bruise. That's accurate, but come on. It is the week 1 starting offensive line, the $30 million quarterback and other ancillary starting players in the mix.

Two games in, this should cause some concern for Vikings's clearly causing consternation for head coach.

"Offensively, it's still a work in progress," Mike Zimmer said after the game. "We don't really have much rhythm going on there and haven't scored a touchdown yet on offense.. We've got to do a lot better in that area. We're gonna grind them real hard this week, sort of back down on what we're doing and figure out who we are."

Remember, Mike Zimmer doesn't really hold back with the media when he's frustrated about a specific phase of the game. Last week it was punting and Britton Colquitt, this week the offense. Also remember, Zimmer was a little frustrated with how much the team ran the ball last week, so this makes two weeks in a row that he's not too happy with the performance of the offense.

When it comes to rookie quarterback Kellen Mond, it was "still a work in progress" from Zimmer again. Coach did say that Mond took big strides in practice this week, but that it didn't translate to the field well last night versus Indy.

It's unlikely that we'll see starting offensive members on the field for preseason game #3 this Friday, but Zimmer didn't close the door on getting those guys some more real life reps.

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