WATCH: Drone Flies Through Dallas Cowboys Practice Facility

I posted this over on VT this morning, but it needs to be said again...

It's sweeping the sports Internet right now but if you haven't already seen it, now's the time to check it out. HBO's Hard Knocks opened up their show this week with a 3-minute drone fly-through of a place they call "The Star". It's the Dallas Cowboys practice facility and it's pretty impressive...check this out...

Now, I'm gonna go ahead and say it, this might be a biased take since I've spent quite a bit of time there, but TCO Performance Center where the Vikings practice is just as nice if not slightly better in some areas.

Take a look back at these photos from an article I posted when the facility first opened. Mind you the facility was not quite finished and it was the middle of winter, but note there are many similarities.

And then look at this gallery from the Vikings, 185 pics of sweetness!

There are so many similarities, the meeting room, the fan accessible practice field, the development around it...very similar. I'd even have to say that Minnesota had to have fashioned much of their build on what Jerry was building down in Dallas in 2016. But when it comes to TCO, the locker room is larger, there's more practice fields, there are more amenities supporting the players with the Gatorade Snack Bar, Cryo Therapy chamber and more.

It truly is a horse a piece, but when big voice guy says "There's nothing like it in all of American sport...", The Minnesota Vikings would be fair to have issue with that statement!

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