Bengals rookie already calling for a Cincy win over Vikings on social media

Photo: Getty Images North America

By the time players have gotten to the NFL, you'd think that they would have learned about "bulletin board material" and the danger of it. But then we remember that many players drafted highly into the NFL have likely not faced a whole lot of danger when it comes to their level of competition on the football field. They were the best players in PeeWees, the best players in high school and the best players in college.

But the NFL is different.

Vikings fans are hoping that Cincinnati rookie wideout Ja'marr Chase learns this the hard way.

Chase, who was the #5 overall pick to the Bengals this spring, tweeted a fairly cryptic "1-0" message late Thursday morning and it really picked up some steam Friday afternoon on social media.

Now this could mean any of a bunch of different things, but when you can make the leap to assume he's predicting a Bengals win on Sunday over the Vikings, why wouldn't you? I mean the other options are all pretty lame.

Chase has had his own struggles this preseason battling a case of the dropsies with Joe Burrow hucking him the ball, but he's still a dangerous part of what should be a potent Bengals offense this season.

It's only Week #1 so you'd like to think that players wouldn't need anything to get them amped up and ready to play, but just in case the Vikings are looking for a little boost of something, this could do the trick!

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