Conor McGregor threw THE WORST first pitch of all-time at the Twins Game

Minnesota Twins v Chicago Cubs

Photo: Getty Images North America

Tuesday night at the Twins game saw something that might be debated until the end of time. It may have seen the single worst ceremonial first pitch in the history of baseball.

Now, remember, that's a really bold statement considering some of the pitches that we've seen in the past. I mean Carly Rae Jepson, 50 Cent, Carl Lewis...there have been some BAD ones (video of the 10-worst below).

But man-oh-man did UFC star Conor McGregor land himself on that list last night.

Check this out...

I mean it was high, it was wide and it even had the ricochet factor built into the mess!

For context, here's what one guy on the Internet called "The 10 Worst Celebrity First Pitches" before last night. Where do you think Conor will land on this list?

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