So. St. Paul's plan to help struggling students, give Wednesdays off! 🤔

We've learned a lot over the past year and a half. COVID-19 has forced our hands in many ways including the expansion of working from home for adults and learning from home for students. As I'm sure you've seen first-hand, some of the tactics and strategies we adopted during this time in history are carrying over as life attempts to go closer towards "normal".

Schools are doing the same thing including one group of schools in Minnesota that is adopting an unusual strategy to help struggling students succeed.

The South St. Paul school district has a plan to help students who are struggling in class, send the others home on Wednesdays.

That's right, starting this week students with C's or better in their classes will be allowed to "study-at-home" on Wednesdays, while those struggling with certain subjects will have tailored work days on Wednesdays to focus on getting their grades up with more 1-on-1 attention than is available with the full class on site.

While the plan has certainly been met with criticism, it's been well thought out from the beginning. According to developers, the plan allows for immediate intervention for those who are struggling with their grades rather than waiting until the end of the term to adjust and adapt. Students in the building will get workdays tailored to their specific learning styles while those working from home that day will still have work that needs to be completed.

The decision to adjust the structure within the normal school week avoids adding to already stressed budgets and incentivizes students with their grades.

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