After 52 Years Investigators have identified The Zodiac Killer

UK - Crime - Scene Investigators Searching Grave Site

Photo: The Image Bank RF

According to an independent team of investigators the Zodiac Killer has finally been identified! Unfortunately, he's already passed away and will never have been held accountable for his crimes.

Authorities have named Gary Francis Poste as the one responsible for the Zodiac killings. Poste passed away in 2018.

The Zodiac Killer has been linked to five killings in the San Francisco area between 1968 & 1969 and a team of 40 detectives, journalists and military intelligence officers are also linking another 1966 murder in Riverside, CA to him as well.

Poste was identified as the Zodiac after investigators were looking through his photography dark room and discovered a photo that showcased scars on his forehead that matched those from a sketch of the Zodiac. As noted in the 2007 film Zodiac there were also anagrams and ciphers that were shared by the Zodiac in the late sixties that in hindsight share his identity as well.

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