Cleveland DE Myles Garrett decorated his yard with graves of opposing QBs!

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos

Photo: Getty Images North America

With Halloween right around the corner the decorating is well underway. If you've been to a Target store lately, you've probably noticed that many of the pre-packaged, mass produced decorations are sold out which has left many resorting to DIY Halloween decorations to get by under Pandemic restrictions.

Enter Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett who has gotten in on the DIY decorations and has done so in a way that should strike fear into opposing QBs on the Browns schedule.

Garrett's home in Ohio can be seen decorated with gravestones donning the last names and numbers of opposing QBs on Cleveland's schedule this season. You'll see Jones, Jackson and Murray among others in the photos below...

Pretty clever if you ask me!

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