This TikToker's "Immortality" Theory is shaking the Internet to it's roots!

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The Internet is certainly a landing ground for a bunch of crazy theories. Most don't gain much ground and are dismissed, but every once in a while you'll stumble upon something that will tickle your fancy. Fewer and farther in between, you'll find an idea that catches fire and spreads throughout the ether.

I introduce to you @Joli.artist on TikTok.

She recently dropped a TikTok video explaining a "Quantum Immortality" theory which in layman's terms showcases the idea that when you die in this Universe, you don't cease to exist, but you bounce to another parallels universe and continue your existence there with zero knowledge of your past experiences.

“Quantum immortality theory suggests that nobody ever actually dies, that consciousness never experiences death. Instead, whenever you die in one universe your consciousness just gets transferred to a parallel universe where you survive" she explains.

The theory is shaking the way people think throughout the Internet, here's the full video explanation plus a response video where she addresses one of the burning questions.

*UPDATE - It's come to my attention that the video embeds might not be working on mobile devices, to see her video and the full explanation of the theory CLICK HERE and for an answer to some of the feedback she got, CLICK HERE to see that!

So what do you think?

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