ONE DAY ONLY! The “Curder Burger” Available at Culver’s!

Apologies in advance because this is the ULTIMATE “act fast” piece of content of all time! Available today only, the “Curder-Burger” at Culver’s!

it is just what it sounds like. A Culver’s Butterburger with a giant cheese curd gracing the top of the fresh beef patty!

it started as a joke last April Fools and became a reality today only for National Cheese Curd Day, proving that there really is “a day” for everything!

I ventured out through the drive thru Kane Thai afternoon to get ok on the action and man was this thing good! I am watching my figure thanks to Profile By Sanford so I only ate a few bites, but as far as a few test bites go, this thing tops the charts and should likely become an everyday menu item.

Here’s to hoping the actual reason they’re doing this today is to serve as a dry run for a new menu item!

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