The "Balloon World Cup" is about to change the landscape of sports 馃巿馃巿

Remember that game that we all used to play with our siblings and friends around the living room where you have to bop a balloon up in the air and keep it from hitting the ground? Yeah me too, it was the best. Jumping over the couch, wrestling for position, I think I might have been undefeated in my balloon game career.

Well, apparently I shouldn't have let me dreams die in the dining room all those years ago because just this last weekend "The Balloon World Cup" took place and it is legitimately going to change the sporting world as we know it.

So here's the scoop...

The game is great, the concept is phenomenal, the layout with a couch, a car, A GIANT TUBE OF MENTOS and an arcade all encapsulated within a giant glass box...and it was streamed live over the weekend via Twitch, topping out with just under 700,000 simultaneous streams!!!

Twitch and live streaming in general is opening the door for all of our childhood dreams to come true.

At the end of the day it was Francesco De La Cruz who walked away with the world cup!

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