Adam Thielen says NFL officiating ‘is taking the fun out of the game’

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings

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There have been nine weeks played so far in the 2021 NFL season and the officiating has stayed rather horrendous. 

Whether it’s watching the Vikings or really any game across the league, it seems as if there’s been several bad calls week in and week out. 

It’s being brought up again this week due to some questionable calls on the Monday Night Football matchup between the Bears and Steelers. 

Vikings star wide receiver Adam Thielen quoted a tweet from PGA golfer Justin Thomas, where both individuals were questioning the NFL’s officials. 

On Sunday the Vikings had two extremely questionable calls go against them. The first was a “horse collar” tackle by DJ Wonnum that negated a turnover. The second was a penalty on the Vikings bench in which it looked like a staff member pushed a Ravens player to protect himself from getting run over. 

On top of the bogus calls seen over the weekend, the new taunting rule has been a laughingstock in the NFL. As Thielen said in his Tweet, it’s simply taking the fun out of one of the most entertaining sports in the world. 

If the NFL wants to change their name to the No Fun League they can continue with their new set of rules, but it’s certainly making games more frustrating to watch. No official will ever be perfect, but it might be time to make more things reviewable from the booth to negate some of these atrocious penalties. 

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