PHOTO: MJF's Mom Trolls Him Again Ahead Of AEW Long Island Homecoming

Photo: Courtesy of All Elite Wrestling

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is once again being trolled by his own mother ahead of his return to his hometown.

The Plainview, Long Island native is scheduled to appear at UBS Arena during All Elite Wrestling's live broadcast of Dynamite Wednesday (December 8) night and -- despite being unmercifully booed in every venue he's ever appeared in -- told Z100's Josh Martinez during an exclusive interview this week that he expects a hero's welcome.

Even if that does happen, it's unlikely his own mother will take part in the cheers, as she seems equally dedicated preserving her son's hated persona as he does.

Nina Friedman shared a photo on her Twitter account revealing a sign bashing her ahead of Wednesday night's event which shows a grade school age Maxwell's picture next to "the last time our son wasn't an a*****e."

(WARNING: Foul language)

In September, Nina and her husband Steven Friedman went viral prior to the live broadcast of Dynamite: Grand Slam at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York, after Nina tweeted a photo of herself and her husband with a sign that read, "We're MJF's parents and we think he sucks too!"

"Probably NOT gonna make the cover of Parents Magazine but see you at Arthur Ashe tonight," Nina tweeted with the photo.

True to form, Maxwell quote-tweeted his mother's post with, "F*** off mom."

Prior to the broadcast, the Friedmans participated in an interview with FITE TV's Josh Shernoff and apologized for bringing their son into the world of wrestling.

“We are the bad ones, and we’d like to say we apologize to the entire world,” Nina said. “He is a f****** idiot, but he’s ours.”

Shernoff asked the couple if they were excited to see their son wrestle in front of a large crowd, or at least excited to "see him get his a** kicked."

"I'm always happy to see him get his a** kicked, he deserves it," Nina responded.

"I'm not allowed to kick his a** anymore because I'd go to jail," Steven added.

The Queens crowd seemed to agree as it unmercifully booed MJF, who defeated Brian Pillman Jr. via submission.

Friedman has emerged as one of wrestling's biggest villains, pushing the boundries of offensiveness and rarely being shown out of character.

Amid his previous New York return, the Pinnacle leader was feuding with Pillman, which included desecrating the memory of his rival's legendary late father, Brian Pillman Sr., joking about his mother Melanie's battle with drugs and disrespecting Pillman's then-pregnant sister, Brittany, which resulted in her giving birth hours later.

MJF is currently involved in an angle with CM Punk -- who made his return to pro wrestling after a seven-year absence in August -- and is set to defend his Dynamite Diamond Ring in the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale on Wednesday, which he looks to win for a third time.

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