What if we're all looking at the frustrations w/Kirk Cousins the wrong way?

Los Angeles Rams v Minnesota Vikings

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Look, I get it. We're all ready for change here in Minnesota when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings.

For too long now the team has been mediocre. On top of that, we all have a fear in the back of our minds that we're going to miss out on the window of Dalvin Cook or Justin Jefferson in the prime of their careers. We've seen it happen with Adrian, Percy, Stefon and the list goes on. Great players stuck on mediocre teams who can't get over the hill. So they push their way out or age out of the roster and we start over.

So calling for change is understandable. But how much change is too much change?

Should we really replace the head coach, general manager and starting quarterback all in one fell swoop? Is that what's truly best for the immediacy and long-term success of the Vikings?

I've got another idea, that involves stopping all the silly dreaming about trade scenarios to dump Cousins and his contract. In fact, it involves offering him an extension and keeping him here longer...

CLICK HERE to check out the entirety of the thought and to find out why I think this is in fact the best case scenario for the Vikings, one that could get them back to the playoffs as early as next year!


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