Vikings plummet in latest MMQB Power Rankings | #KFANVikes

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings

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Coming out of the 2021 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings found themselves as high as #13 on preseason Power Ranking polls. Remember those days? They were the good old days for sure.

Aaron Rodgers status in Green Bay was in flux, we were excited to leave the draft with Christian Darrisaw (who we couldn't believe was still there) and four, count 'em FOUR third round picks to come in and have a big impact straight out of the draft. (sigh)

The latest postseason Monday Morning Quarterback Power Rankings poll was just released and with knowledge of that draft class, knowledge of the roster and the decision to let both the coach and GM go yesterday, the Vikings have plummeted to a bottom third of the league ranking.

The official ranking clocks in at #23 for the Vikings who finished the season second in the division with an 8-9 record.

Aaron Rodgers has asserted himself atop the division again. Those four third round picks, yeah lets not talk about them. Christian Darrisaw, jury's out. Kirk Cousins, jury's out. Zimmer, out. Spielman, out.

Not exactly where we wanted to fall on this list heading into an offseason filled with tumult.

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