Carolina Panthers request to interview divisive Vikings assistant for OC

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings

Photo: Getty Images

With the Vikings taking the big plunge to begin their search for both a head coach and general manager as their offseason begins, it becomes easy to forget that other teams out there are looking to replace assistant coaches who have either moved on or were relieved of their duties after the regular season wrapped.

One such team is the Carolina Panthers who are looking for a reset on the offensive side of the ball after deciding midseason that it was time to move on from former coordinator Joe Brady.

As is the process, news of candidates for these open positions comes via reports of teams making requests to other teams to interview one of their assistants. One such request was made to the Minnesota Vikings by the Panthers to have an opportunity to sit down and chat with Vikings offensive coordinator Klint Kubiak.

Kubiak is thought to be on the outs in Minnesota this year as a new head coach comes in and hires his own people. Klint led the Vikings offense to top half performances in 2021 but was critiqued by the fans and Mike Zimmer both as each party was unhappy with his balance of new-school vs old-school and pass vs run.

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