The Wilf's private plane is on its way to Minneapolis, but what for?!?

As we continue to track the progress of the Vikings plans to hire a new General Manager to lead the team into the future, we've got a new development!

Yesterday afternoon we had the video hit the web of finalist for the job Kwesi Adofo-Mensah walking out of TCO Performance Center in Eagan where you can hear someone from inside yell that they would "cancel his flight" keeping him in Minnesota through Wednesday at least. Then we heard rumors that the back party room at Manny's, traditionally used by the Vikings to woo candidates and free agents, was indeed booked for a private party last night. Today, we have another development, this one from The Athletic's Chad Graff.

According to Graff, one of the private plane's owned by the Vikings Wilf ownership group is in the air and on it's way to Minnesota.

The belief is they are headed this way to officially sign Adofo-Mensah and hold an introductory press conference later today.

So as we continue to wait for an official announcement, take this for what it is and buckle up for a busy day!

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