The Broncos have hired a former Vikings coach as their new QB Coach

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings

Photo: Getty Images North America

It's hard to tell if Klint Kubiak ever really got a fair shot as the offensive coordinator here in Minnesota. As we've learned over the past few weeks, it wasn't exactly a healthy work environment that he inherited a year ago and now that Zimmer is out, so goes his assistants.

Still, Vikings fans weren't particularly enamored with Klint's offensive creativity and play calling so it was going to be interesting where the next stop was going to be. Now we know...

According to Ian Rappoport new head coach Nathaniel Hackett and the Denver Broncos are set to hire Kubiak as their new quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator.

It's a good opportunity to rebuild and work his way back up the rankings for Kubiak. Considering the thought that he could potentially get paired up with Aaron Rodgers, that becomes even a safer bet for him to wager his future on.

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