It's the MOST POPULAR NFL jersey in MN, & it might surprise you!

Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers

Photo: Getty Images

These lists always fascinate me when they're released. We usually see them a few times a year based on some of the roster changes after free agency and the draft, but this list compiled by the good folks over at Lids showcases what the most popular jersey for each state was in the United States for all of 2021.

So what do you think the most popular NFL jersey for the state of Minnesota was in 2021? Maybe Justin Jefferson? Dalvin Cook? Kirk Cousins? Everybody loves the quarterback, right? Nope, on all counts.

The most popular NFL jersey for the state of Minnesota in 2021 was actually the purple #19 jersey of Adam Thielen!

Now it's no surprise that Thielen is a fan favorite here in Minnesota, the surprise comes with the fact that he's been here with the same #19 purple jersey eight years now. That's plenty of time for fans to have stocked up on his jersey. With the coming out party for Justin Jefferson as a rookie and a sophomore season that was just as hot, my money would have been placed on JJ, but what do I know?!

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