PODCAST: The Power Trip Morning Show - Tuesday, Feb 8th

HR. 1 - Harry & Them - The Power Trip

Zach Halverson recaps his weekend in Las Vegas, Hawk debuts a new segment with the help of Brian Oake, and Hawk and Cory have What Really Matters!

HR. 2 - That Came Out Wrong - The Power Trip

Halvy rates the guys on the morning show based on their hotness, Hawk has the news with the latest on the Kamara arrest, and the Mark Rosen and Maxx react to the Best Picture nominees in this year's Oscars!

HR. 3 - Tinder Swindler - The Power Trip

A guy took advantage of a lot of women by using Tinder and other dating apps, Corey has music news and more in Headlines, and the 15th edition of Fan Feud is played!

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