Justin Jefferson "loves" his QB, doesn't know if Kirk will be back in '22

NFL Pro Bowl

Photo: Getty Images

It was Justin Jefferson day on radio row at the Super Bowl today as the Vikings star wide receiver made the rounds talking to national outlets left and right. In one interview with CBS radio though, Jefferson touched on the future of quarterback Kirk Cousins with the team and what Kirk has meant to him.

Asked if he thought Kirk would return for the 2022 season with the Vikings, Jefferson wasn't sure. That's the feeling that the new regime with a new head coach and new general manager have left most people sitting with.

“With the new head coach and new GM, nobody is expecting anything at this moment," Jefferson explained. "If the GM and head coach want to go a different route then that’s on them. At the end of the day I don’t make the decision.”

Jefferson also had a lot of kind things to say about his quarterback as well.

"If he is there [for 2022] great. I love Kirk as a person and as a quarterback. He’s been doing a tremendous job with me ever since I got in this league. I definitely would not mind him staying, I love Kirk.”

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