Deebo Samuel wants out of SF, should the Vikings call?!

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams

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Apparently this is the thing to do in today's NFL. You scrub your social media timelines of references to your current team and a few days later share of your intent to be traded away from said team.

Wide receiver Deebo Samuel is just one of the latest to follow this trend and the reports flying around Wednesday morning are that he indeed is looking to get out of San Francisco. So should the Minnesota Vikings be engaging with the 49ers to see what a potential trade might look like?

I mean, why not?

Deebo proved in 2021 that he is one of the best wide receivers and x-factor players in the entirety of the league. While he may not be interested in being used as a running back for the rest of his career, right now his ability to both catch the ball and run the ball at a high level sets him apart. Adding a player of this ability to the fold in Minnesota would only help Justin Jefferson and Kirk Cousins take the jump to that next level.

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