HOLY SMOKES! Watch this pitcher CLOBBER hitter who just hit a HR off of him

Fence with Baseball Game Pitcher, Batter, Catcher and Umpire

Photo: Getty Images

Remember "Terry Tate: Office Linebacker"?? Think that, but mix it with the college world series and that's what we've got here in this college baseball game from earlier this week!

The video picks up with a monster home run being hit by a batter who then proceeds to casually round the bases. It's not clear if anything was spoken from the batter, but it didn't appear that he upstaged anybody during his trot around the bases...but then the pitcher FLIPS HIS LID! You can see him throw hit glove on the ground and take off full speed before he tackles the base runner coming around third base.

From there benches cleared, the issue was sorted and the game was suspended...but holy smokes, check this out...

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