Sunny D rips on Minnesota, Minnesota Twitter wages war on national brand...

Minnesota saw itself popping into the headlines on Tuesday afternoon as the grand opening for the new Taco Bell Defy restaurant in Brooklyn Park, MN was held and captured some attention. News articles and social media from outlets all over the place covered the event and the opening of the new state of the art quick serve restaurant.

That's when the national twitter account for Sunny Delight took to the streets and made enemies far and wide throughout the state of 10,000 lakes.

In a tweet posted Tuesday, the Sunny Delight national twitter account tweeted, "this is incredible what's it doing in minnesota".

Grammar and punctuation issues aside, the tweet was a slap in the face to Minnesota and if only for a day, Minnesotans put the "Minnesota Nice" off to the side and fired back with their best passive aggressive and aggressive aggressive responses.

And these were just some of the more appropriate replies. You can dig down the rabbit hole HERE if you're interested, it's kind of fun.

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