Colin Cowherd just predicted that the Minnesota Vikings would win 16 games!

According to our good friends over at, national radio host Colin Cowherd just predicted that the Minnesota Vikings would make the biggest year-to-year jump in the NFL this season.

On his Friday morning show Cowherd stated "I believe the team that will double their win total will be the Minnesota Vikings."

The Minnesota Vikings finished the 2021 season 8-9, so effectively doubling that win total would give the Vikings SIXTEEN WINS in 2022! 😱

Now, as BMTN graciously noted, only one team in the history of the NFL has won sixteen games in a season, the 2007 New England Patriots, so that would be a tough feat to actually accomplish even with the 17 game schedule. But still, the praise that Cowherd had for new head coach Kevin O'Connell and the Minnesota Vikings remains genuine.

"I think the Minnesota Vikings, the coach Mike Zimmer and Kirk Cousins had a really bad relationship. Now they bring in a McVay guy, who's supposed to be, they say a taller version of McVay," and that's enough to double the wins as Cowherd continued.

Don't believe us? Check out the prediction for yourself in the player below...

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