Garrett Bradbury called a "Stone Cold Cinch" to win starting job at center

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears

Photo: Getty Images

The idea of an open competition at the starting center position for the Minnesota Vikings popped up over the weekend as head coach Kevin O'Connell shared some honest opinions on Bradbury's progress to date.

"There's still competition," O'Connell said of the status of the center position as recently as this last Saturday. "You'll continue to see some different combinations in there."

The new head coach praised Bradbury and his run blocking but admitted that there has been some struggle when it comes to pass blocking and specifically getting bull-rushed up the middle.

So while the entire world took those words and rushed to DEFCON 1, not everybody is convinced it's as much of an open competition as it might seem. For one, KFAN's Paul Allen says that he believes it's in fact a "stone cold cinch" that Garrett Bradbury will be the team's starting center come September 11th and the team's Week #1 matchup against the Green Bay Packers.

Allen joined KFAN's live broadcast from the team's annual "night practice" on Monday Night at TCO Stadium and had this to say about the state of the situation.

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