WATCH: NFL Official tackles defender leading to opponents touchdown!

Minnesota Vikings v Washington Commanders

Photo: Getty Images

It's one of the stranger plays that you'll ever see. An NFL back judge directly impacting a scoring in a game after running into a defender who had a surefire interception lined up.

Check out the video below and you'll see the ordeal play out as the back judge attempts to avoid the wide receiver and defenders on the right he plows straight into Cam Bynum coming into the play from the left. Bynum, who was lining up the pass for an interception was knocked out of the play while safety Harrison Smith looks on not believing what he just witnessed.

Meanwhile, Curtis Samuel reels in the catch, rolls to the ground untouched and flips into the endzone for the Washington touchdown to give the Commanders the second half lead.

The back judge has since apologized to both Bynum and the Minnesota Vikings and is eternally grateful that the gaff ended up not costing Minnesota the game in the long run.

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