Minnesota Man Builds Impressive 30-Foot-Tall Snowman In His Front Yard

Low angle shot of a big, tall friendly snowman.

Photo: Getty Images

One Minnesota man has been spending his days building a gigantic snowman in his front yard.

Eric Fobbe of Buffalo began working on his creation last week. The snowman, who he named Frosty Fobbe, is 30-feet tall and 20-feet across. While Frosty lives in the Fobbe's front yard on the corner of Buffalo Run Road and Rodeo Drive, he was made, in part, by snow gathered from neighboring yards.

Eric utilized a snowblower to create one big pile of snow, and then used a ladder as well as a set of temporary stairs to help him scale the snowman and affx his giant hat and traffic cone nose. It took him over 40 hours to build Frosty, but his work is still not done. “When it’s sunny out, or it’s over 30 degrees, I’ll come home from work, and I’ll notice it’s shrunk a little bit, so I’m out here adding snow to it non-stop,” Fobbe told Detroit’s Fox 2.

Eric's wife Anastasia proudly showed off Eric's handywork on her Facebook page, writing, “I'm so proud of Eric and all of his hard work the past few days!” The southern Minnesota community also seems to love Frosty, as neighbors and people all over the state have been dropping by to check out the snowman. See him for yourself below.

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