Minnesota School Named Among The 'Most Beautiful Colleges' In The US

Old historic Porvoo, Finland with wooden houses and medieval stone and brick Porvoo Cathedral under white snow in winter

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Picture it.

You're riding in the back seat of a car peering out of the window. In the distance you see a small sign followed by the outline of multiple architecturally-pleasing buildings. A little community of sorts. As you get closer, the sign and all of the little buildings get larger and you are able to take in the greatness of it all.

Welcome to campus!

A brochure reads. Students with smiles and places to be line the sidewalks with books in hand as you walk through a storied institution known for making educational dreams come true. To your left you see a giant gym with large glass windows, and to the right, a dining hall with patios perfect for enjoying some sunshine and a quick bite to eat. As you stroll, you see windows upon windows of classrooms situated above perfectly-manicured lawns and vintage-looking benches placed near tall lamps that illuminate the way. A place where people eat, sleep, exercise, dream (in all facets of the word) study, and exist to pursue a passion. It's all breathtakingly beautiful, and you're apart of the mastery from the very moment you walk past the welcome sign.

While there are many great colleges scattered across Minnesota that paint the picture illustrated above, only one is known for being the most beautiful school around!

According to a list compiled by Travel & Leisure, the most beautiful college in Minnesota is St. Olaf College.

Here's what Travel & Leisure had to say about the most beautiful college in the entire state:

"Winters at St. Olaf, about 40 miles south of Minneapolis, can be brutal. But goodness do they make for a picturesque scene. The fall foliage here is fierce, too, and beautiful structures like Old Main and Holland Hall help complete the picture."

For a continued list of the most beautiful colleges across the country visit travelandleisure.com.

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