Minnesota Destination Named 'Best Small Town' In The Entire State

Grand Marais Minnesota    Summer on Lake Superior

Photo: Photodisc

What makes a small town special?

Is it the charming little mom & pop stores and cafes that surround the quaint cobblestone main street, or the way the old church bell rings a few minutes late on Saturdays as the welcoming townspeople stroll under the willow trees and make their way to park benches with a good book in hand, admiring the local splendor in between pages? These desirable features, adorable quirks, and so much more lay the groundwork for the best town in Minnesota. While there are many lovely towns that populate the country, only a few are recognized as the best around!

According to a list compiled by Far & Wide, the best and coolest small town in all of Minnesota is Grand Marais. 1,340 people call this amazingly-unique town home.

Here's what Far & Wide had to say about the best, coolest small town in the entire state:

"Another Great Lakes setting can be found in Minnesota's Grand Marais. Just south of the Canadian border, this sleepy village is located on Lake Superior but surrounded on land by the Superior National Forest. Its remote location makes for a quiet getaway, but there's still plenty to do on the lake and in the hills, along with beer and wine tastings at North Shore wineries and breweries."

For a continued list of the best small towns across the country visit farandwide.com.

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