10,000 Lakes of Cold Refreshments Program:

In 2018, Conservation Minnesota and Coors Light teamed up to help save Minnesota’s lakes. By using #BeerSavesLakes and a per-case donation, Coors Light donated $110,000 to the Clean Water Promise which advances Conservation Minnesota’s goals to:

•Make all of Minnesota’s lakes safe for swimming

•Clean up currently polluted lakes and protect the state’s most pristine ones

•Reduce plastic pollution in lakes and rivers by 95%

•Help provide Minnesotans with safe, non-polluted drinking water

•Provide officials with information, tools, and authority needed to conserve and sustainably manage the state’s quantity of water

How you can help!

  1. Use #BEERSAVESLAKES on Instagram or Twitter and Coors Light will donate $1 to Conservation Minnesota for every post.
  2. Buy and enjoy Coors Light! For Coors Light purchased in the state of Minnesota during the summer, we’ll donate towards our overall goal. 

In the past three years Coors Light has donated over $284,000 in support of water conservation issues!

More info: https://www.conservationminnesota.org/partnerships/coors-light/

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