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LISTEN: Nordo's Top 10 Current #Vikings Players #92Noon

This is the type of thing we do in May, post-draft but pre-camps and activities, when you're yearning for Vikings football to return our lives!

I compiled my Top 10 list of current Vikings players on roster...these are who I believe to be the 10 most crucial individuals to success in 2017, based on what we know and what we saw in last year's 8-8 campaign. 

Listen to my reasoning below, and let me know how good or awful my opinions are!

Cook, into Thielen, into Rudy, into Kendricks, into Everson.

Now for the Top 5:

Hunter, into Harry, into Sam...leaving several big names on the table with just 2 spots to fill:

That's my Top 10 Vikings Players.

There are 3 guys I struggled with excluding from this list. Two are a couple of my favorite players, a certain WR and the other a LB, who as of TODAY, didn't crack it. The third is one of the oldest players in the NFL and had a badass 2016.

What's your big opinion? Let me know @ericnordoKFAN on Twitter, or!

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