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Five days to the NFL Draft, and here are five things on my mind for the three-day extravaganza:

(5) It's an in-the-now event. Loved Favre dismantling his former colors on MNF, "Ozark" is cool and all, but I -- PROBABLY LIKE YOU -- miss the bleep out of "live" sports. Onward we trudge, and onward we trudge safely, right? Players drafted, it's over Saturday, and then we wait. Are we waiting for games sans fans? With a few fans? Is radio play-by-play deemed "essential" if we play under strict rules? Can't wait for the draft.

(4) I'm not as into rookie intel as some think, and this year navigating the shutdown has made it less of a priority. Those who have followed my draft-related radio work know I aim to be dead accurate with the Vikes and the first couple of rounds, then kind of let it fall where it may. What I mean is when they house a Dru Samia or Oli Udoh I may have heard of them but REALLY enjoy quick-fire inside intel on the who, what, where, when and why after they are selected. I never watch rookie All 22 and can't remember the last on-line mock draft I did. To each their own, but I most enjoy talking theory and laying out with Nordo #92Noon how we feel they are thinking.

(3) We haven't had a true 50-50 ball WR since Sidney Rice, and I'm not kidding. Maybe it's on the quarterbacks and coordinators? Maybe they don't do what Brett did with Sidney and chuck that bad boy up and permit a skill guy to make a play.

I truly believe rookie WR Tyler Johnson and Tee Higgins (Clemson) naturally posses the ability to consistently win "50-50" battles, and per a respected opinion Kendrick Rogers (Texas A&M) is "exactly that guy and you can get him late."

Click to see highlight video...

(2) I hope Belichick drafts North Texas QB Mason Fine in the sixth round -- the Brady Round -- and he goes on to become a star.

(1) No change to my Vikes-related first-round preference. Hoping for a stud OL and CB who can play right now. Given his injuries I'm not a fan of Mike Hughes playing inside and always have preferred him outside, so they eventually may need a game-changing "slot" corner, and perhaps round one is the place to strike.

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