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This just in...'Fortnite' is making RIDICULOUS amounts of money! | KFAN

Photo: Epic Games

Not sure if you've heard or not, but Fortnite is THE MOST POPULAR video game in the entire world right now. Their "Battle Royale" mode is everybody's jam and they continue to add new features, collaborate with other entities like Marvel and Inifinity Wars and more. 

Recently they released their game for download on the Nintendo Switch pushing them now on most of the major platforms (Xbox One, PS4, PC, iOS and Nintendo), just waiting for a scheduled release on Andriod later this year.

This also just in, they're making gobs of money on this game.

Back in March, Fortnite across all platforms made an astonishing $223 million and now their iOS version is crushing as well.

Three months ago the game debuted on the app-store for iOS on iPhones and in the first three days they made more than $1 million in in app purchase. Now, 90 days later Fortnite on mobile has raked in an incredibly $100 million dollars!

Now it's a different sort of business model that has shaken the video game world up a bit. The game itself is free. I've played for 10 hours or so already and haven't spent a single penny. But apparently I am abnormal because everybody else is spending money on seasons, outfits, gear and other bonuses that simply enhance the normal gameplay.

The game is immensely popular, the developer Epic Games is about to strike gold again with an expected Android release later this  year and nearly 9 million people are streaming their weekly tournaments on Friday nights through the summer.

It's not bad to be Epic Games and Fortnite right now.

Kid wows weekend boat crowd with his best 'Fortnite' dance moves | KFAN - Thumbnail Image

Kid wows weekend boat crowd with his best 'Fortnite' dance moves | KFAN

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