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7 IMPORTANT tips to keep your furnace/house warm with frigid cold! | KFAN

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The temperature is already starting to drop as I type out this post and over the next three days it's only going to get colder, and colder and colder. Some parts of the state will see the wind chill drop to temperatures near -65 degrees while the low temperature straight up will be -29 here in the Twin Cities Wednesday morning.

All of that said, your furnace and heaters are going to be working a little overtime this week. The Brooklyn Park Fire Department shares some common sense tips that can ensure that your home stays warm as the temp drops and to take a little of the added strain off of your furnace.

Here's what they had to say on their Facebook page Monday afternoon:

Monday night through Thursday we all will experience near record-setting temperatures and wind chills.

Here are some helpful tips to stay warm at home.

1. To maintain a comfortable living environment, consider raising your temperature a few degrees.

2. Put programmable thermostats on a permanent setting (i.e. HOLD) to ensure that the temperature is constantly maintained throughout the day/night.

3. Replace the filter on your furnace. 

4. Keep garage doors closed. 

5. Limit opening exterior doors.

6. Make sure air vents and radiators are not blocked or obstructed.

7. Keep the air intakes and exhausts on the outside of your house clear of any obstructions, including ice that may have formed.


Please check on neighbors and elderly residents during these extreme temperatures. Stay warm and safe this week and share this with any of your family and friends. Don't forget about your family pets, too!

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