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Make DIY Instant Hand Warmers With This Cold Weather Hack! | KFAN

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Not sure if you've noticed outside yet, but it's freaking cold outside right now. Still, life goes on and we're going to have to go to work or eventually go back to school this week and need to stay warm.

So here's this, a little lifehack to make some DIY hand warmers in as little as five minutes.

The folks over at put this one together for us and I'm about to test it out.

Those hand warmers from the store are great. They work really well and do what their meant to do, but man can they get spendy! This is your way around it...

From LifeHacker...

You need a large ziploc bag, a smaller one, some water, and calcium chloride ice-melt pellets from the hardware store.

Fill the large bag a quarter of the way with the ice-melt pellets. Fill the smaller ziploc bag halfway with water and seal and then put it inside the bigger bag, squeeze out the excess air and seal. Now, squeeze the smaller bag until it breaks open and the water mixes with the ice-melt pellets, which should create a warming reaction between 20 minutes and an hour depending on how many pellets you use.

Now I hope that this would go without saying, but be careful while doing this with the kiddos. Ziploc bags are not foolproof and calcium chloride is for sure an irritant. 

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