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This Pornography based Super Bowl ad was SO DIRTY they had to censor it!

Each year we run into the "too dirty for TV" Super Bowl ads that get released on the Internet, drum up a bunch of controversy and don't see the light of day during the big game. Some have said that it's nothing more than a marketing tactic to get attention for your product without actually paying for the ad spots within the Super Bowl.

This time, the ad below is a little different.

Devour frozen meals put together an ad that is arguably one of the dirtiest "Super Bowl" ads we've seen come to light and it's not just a cheap trick either. We know that because the company was forced to put together a "censored" version of their "Devour Food Porn" ad to get the nod from the powers that be at CBS.

You can view the controversial ad in the player below...

And then here is the censored :30 second version of the same ad, which is still a little bit edgy...

So do you think the ad goes too far? I think that I might. I have very strong feelings about pornography, the effect that it has on people and the bigger effect that it has on society. To me, making light of something so damaging is in poor taste. That said, I know it might be an unpopular position.

What do you think? What sort of feelings does this advertisement pull out in you?

Let us know in the comments and/or poll below...

Just last month I had the opportunity to have a really powerful conversation with local author Scott Swanson about Porn Addiction and it's impact. If you're interested in learning more about overcoming porn addiction I encourage you to check out the episode of my Here On Earth Podcast in the player below.

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