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Bad news everybody ex-inmate says Jared Fogle's "living the life" in prison

Most of us have a vision of prison that looks something like Shawshank. Old rickety cells, disgusting meal in the mess hall and punishment left and right for your crimes. The reality of most prisons nowadays could be quite different. While it's still not freedom, life behind bars isn't that bad for everybody.

Enter former Subway sandwich hype man Jared Fogle.

Remind yourself really quickly that Fogle is presently serving a 15-year sentence in federal prison for possessing child pornography. Now get a load of this...

An ex-inmate who served 8-months alongside Fogle in Englewood, Colorado, Marc Brooks did an interview with the Daily Mail the other week and says that Fogle is "living the life" behind bars.

He goes on to say, "he's living the life in there...he's healthy and fit, he's eating good, working out, cooking...not a care in the world."

According to Brooks, Jared spends most of his time behind bars WATCHING MOVIES AND EATING FANCY FOODS!


“It’s like Club Fed. They’ve got a movie theater, a fully-equipped gym with weights, ellipticals, StairMasters, cable weights… outside they have a baseball field, tennis court, soccer field, horse shoe pits, a bocce ball court, and corn hole,” Brooks explained. “Subway Guy is in the low security section, he’s in a dry cell, that means the door is never locked, he can wander around and use the phone, use the computers, use the movie theater, whatever he wants."

Well, isn't that a load of crap.

How do you feel about Jared's posh diggs behind bars? Let us know in the comments section below...

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