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You guys, Ja Rule just “cursed” the Timberwolves...what will we do now?!?

If you haven’t already noticed, the Minnesota Timberwolves Twitter account has become a must follow. That said, this weekend it was the focal point of controversy with rapper Ja Rule during the team’s road game in Milwaukee.

Ja was booked to play the halftime show celebrating Milwaukee‘s 90s night in the arena. If the irony of Ja Rule representing the 1990s isn’t thick enough the concert itself was terribly put together, sounded awful and the Bucks players warmed up for the second half during the last song.

Back to the Timberwolves Twitter account. Poking a little fun at the terrible halftime show, and tying it together with the Netflix smash Fyre Festival documentary, the Timberwolves Twitter account pushed out the following tweet...

The tweet and the context references Ja Rule’s claim that he too was “bamboozled” etc by the crook behind the Fyre Feetival Billy McFarland.

Then Ja fired back...


What sort of impact with a fake made up curse from someone who calls himself “the god” have on a franchise that has already been cursed for almost the entirety of their 27 year existence?

So, sorry Wolves fans. More losing and somehow KAT’s gonna get out of that giant new deal he just signed...🤔

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