Okay, "Detective Pikachu" actually looks pretty bomb! [TRAILER]

If you've made it this far to click into this article you're probably a Pokemon fan like myself or you're just here to see what sort of video game nonsense Aj is going to spout off this time...in either case, welcome!

I was right there with you when the first announcement came down the chute months ago about a live action Detective Pikachu Pokemon movie getting the green light to begin production. Seems weird, seems kitchy, seems like it'll be straight to DVD the same level of quality as 1993's Super Mario Bros. movie. Nobody could have blamed us for thinking that.

But gang, the second trailer just dropped for the flick and I've got to tell you, I'm actually getting really excited for this movie to come out!

Admittedly, I am the guy who got pulled over by the police for playing Pokemon Go in the car one time (I got off with a warning), and I thoroughly enjoy a good Pokemon game (fwiw, I'm team Pokemon Red), so a world where live action Pokemon live in harmony with humans really appeals to me. Then you mix in a who done it story and the genius of Ryan Reynolds and I'm telling you right now, this movie is going to make beaucoup bucks!

Check out the latest trailer below and tell me if I'm wrong...

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