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Barbara Streisand just TORCHED her career w/comments on "Leaving Neverland"

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Earlier this year, HBO released a two-part documentary titled "Leaving Neverland". The film is absolutely shocking and highlights accusations of sexual molestation by multiple victims against the "King of Pop" himself, Michael Jackson. Now these sorts of allegations are not new to Michael Jackson and his legacy. Twice he faced chargers in the court of law while he was alive. But these accusations take the entire situation to a completely new level sharing explicit details about Jackson's relationships with young boys.

Lately, the documentary has gained a lot of steam and as word has spread it's become a talking point causing many power players to consider pulling the plug on Jackson related programs.

And then this past week, Barbara Streisand chimed in with a sit down interview the The Times of London and man-oh-man, I bet she wishes she could take back the words she shared, cuz they are ridiculous.

Here are a few of the highlights that are getting some traction and forcing fans and trolls alike to go after Streisand on social media.

“You can say, ‘molested,’ but those children, as you heard say [Robson and Safechuck], they were thrilled to be there...They both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them.”

And then she continued...

“His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has,”

And she continued...

“I blame, I guess, the parents, who would allow their children to sleep with him...It’s a combination of feelings. I feel bad for the children. I feel bad for him."

Rightfully so, the Internet went BONKERS on the singer/actor tearing her comments to complete shreds. Even the director of the Leaving Neverland documentary chimed in...

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