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Teddy Bridgewater ran out of toys at toy he handed out cash! 💵

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings

I'll go ahead and say it now...

I don't think that there will ever be a player in the NFL that leaves the Vikings and I still root for them in the same way that I will always be rooting for Teddy Bridgewater to succeed.

During his time here in Minnesota he was nothing but likable. A vibrant, young man who was eager to participate in our community, who did things the right way, who was on an upwards trajectory when tragedy struck, and who has battled back from a career ending injury to return to form as a quarterback in the NFL.

I'll remember Skolbadiah, I'll remember the tears when he got hurt, I'll remember his smile in the locker room, those are all memories that stand out because of the person that Teddy Bridgewater was here in Minnesota, is now in New Orleans and has always been back in his home of Miami.

Here's the most recent example. Each year Teddy holds a toy drive for the less fortunate kids that grew up near his childhood home in Miami. Kids line up around the block to get a toy from the NFL QB. This year, the toy drive ran out of toys before the line ended, so not every kid got a toy.

So Teddy Bridgewater hit up the ATM and started passing out Twenty Dollar Bills to each kid in line who didn't get a toy!

There's some video of this ordeal, check it out in the player below...

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