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The hunt for the world's greatest Root Beer...Definitive Rankings

Wooden cask and bricks

For the better part of the past two months I've embarked on a journey and many of you have tagged along and joined in on the fun already. For that I thank you! This journey has been arduous, it's a pain staking passion project that I have taken on for the betterment of society as a whole. It's been tough, but as they say, somebody has to do it.

Right now I am in the midst of a hunt to find the world's best root beer!

You see, I don't drink, but there's something about the art and nuance of craft brewing that appeals to me. I think it's really cool that there are so many little start ups that are jumping into a mega industry by differentiating their product, infusing unique flavors into their beers and approaching the art differently than the status quo. I've come to discover, that there is also a craft soda scene that is booming and that scene is headlined by root beer and hundreds of different kinds.

Hence, my journey. I like root beer and have learned the differences and subtleties that are highlighted in different brands, so I'm out to find the best! Obviously, this is subjective but I do think that generally speaking the tops of my list are the one's that would be most accepted by the wider audience.

This is an ongoing list and as I continue to find more and more new varieties at my go to shops (Blue Sun Soda Shop in Spring Lake Park, MN & MN Largest Candy Store in Jordan, MN) I'll continue to add to my rankings on Twitter and then update this list periodically as well.

So here is my running list of root beers in the link through to see notes on each root beer and photos of the bottles.

  1. Triple XXX (5⭐️s)
  2. Red Arrow (5⭐️s)
  3. Bulldog (5⭐️s)
  4. Mom's (5⭐️s)
  5. Route 66 (5⭐️s)
  6. Sea Dog (5⭐️s)
  7. Millstream (5⭐️s)
  8. 3 Dachshunds (5⭐️s)
  9. O-So Butterscotch Root Beer (5⭐️s)
  10. Henry Weinhards (5⭐️s)
  11. 1919 Pony Keg (4.5⭐️s)
  12. Moneybag (4.5⭐️s)
  13. Hank’s (4.5⭐️s)
  14. Bedford’s Creme Beer (4.5⭐️s)
  15. Northern Sun Soda (4⭐️s)
  16. Baumeister (4⭐️s)
  17. Spring Grove (4⭐️s)
  18. Brownie: Caramel Creme Root Beer (4⭐️s)
  19. Culver's (4⭐️s)
  20. Gray's (4⭐️s)
  21. Frostie: Vanilla Root Beer (4⭐️s)
  22. Virgil's Micro Brewed (4⭐️s)
  23. Americana (3.5⭐️s)
  24. Waialua: Hawaiian Root Beer (3.5⭐️s)
  25. Dang Original Root Beer (3.5⭐️s)
  26. Dorothy's (3.5⭐️)
  27. Sunshine (3.5⭐️s)
  28. Frostie Root Beer (3.5⭐️s)
  29. Polly's Pop (3.5⭐️s)
  30. Killebrew Root Beer (aluminum bottle) (3.5⭐️s)
  31. IBC Root Beer (3.5⭐️s)
  32. New York Seltzer (3.5⭐️s)
  33. Big E'ze (3.5⭐️s)
  34. Point Premium (3⭐️s)
  35. Margo's Bark (3⭐️s)
  36. Sioux City (3⭐️s)
  37. Boylan (3⭐️s)
  38. Cicero Salted Caramel Root Beer (3⭐️s)
  39. Anchor: Ginger Root Beer (3⭐️s)
  40. Faygo (3⭐️s)
  41. Kiss Army (3⭐️s)
  42. A&W Root Beer (3⭐️s)
  43. Tower Old Fashioned (3⭐️s)
  44. Berghoff's (3⭐️s)
  45. Mug Root Beer (3⭐️s)
  46. Mason's Keg Brewed (3⭐️s)
  47. Barq's Root Beer (2.5⭐️s)
  48. FrosTop Premium (2.5⭐️s)
  49. Old Red Eye (2.5⭐️s)
  50. Batch Craft Soda (2.5⭐️s)
  51. Olde Brooklyn (2.5⭐️s)
  52. Squamsco Old Fashioned (2⭐️s)
  53. Gold Mine (2⭐️s)
  54. Dang: Butterscotch Root Beer (2⭐️s)
  55. Shasta Root Beer (2⭐️s)
  56. Three Stooges Wise Guy Root Beer (2⭐️s)
  57. Bundaberg Root Beer (0⭐️s)

So what's your favorite root beer? Do you have any others not on this list that I need to try? Hit me up on Twitter (@AjKFAN) and let me know!

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