WATCH: Crazy Video shows man on roller coaster CATCH someone's phone midair

Once upon a time, a 23-year old version of myself went to watch a friend's brother perform in a high school musical. Filing into the auditorium, the moments before the show started were filled with families finding their seats, patrons paging through the programs and proud parents setting up their handy cams on a tripod to record the show. Once such parent was setting up their camera and forgot to lock one leg of their tripod in the fully extended state. As they turned away from their camcorder to grab a power cord I saw the tripod beginning to collapse and impending doom seemed right around the corner. There was enough time for me to pounce into action dive across the auditorium floor and catch the camera inches from impact with the hard wood floor, saving the $1,000 camera from certain disaster.

To be honest, I felt like super man! Those around the action began clapping as I sarcastically bowed and returned to my seat.

That entire ordeal has nothing on this man, who was riding a roller coaster at an amusement park in Spain when someone in front of him dropped their $1,000 iPhone X. The phone took flight and because of the path of the coaster track it came floating towards the man in the photo above. He proceeded to catch it mid flight and spent the rest of the ride celebrating his remarkable feat.

Once the ride concluded the phone was returned to it's grateful owner.

Check out the video of the entire ordeal below...

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