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Krispy Kreme Coming to Minnesota!!! We've got the details...

Okay, so I have something to admit. The headline of this article probably gave you the wrong idea, BUT IT'S NOT INACCURATE!

The sole intent of this article is to inform you of how you can get fresh baked Krispy Kreme donuts delivered to your city right here inside the Twin Cities. Meet "The Donut Guy", Jayson Gonzalez.

You might have heard about Gonzalez, 21, as he is the young entrepreneur who drives his new "Donut Guy" truck down to Clive, IA each Sunday after taking hundreds of orders on his Facebook page throughout the week. Gonzalez began making runs down to Iowa last summer before getting shut down by Krispy Kreme with a cease and desist in October. After sharing this news on Facebook, his fans on Facebook took it personally going after the donut conglomerate who over-expanded into Minnesota and completely pulled out of the state in 2008.

Gonzalez was filling a need for hungry Minnesotans who wanted Krispy Kreme donuts, so they came to his rescue and put pressure on the corporate office to come to a resolution with Gonzalez who is not an "official" donut salesman armed with his very own decorated Donut Guy truck that can hold 450 dozen donuts on one run.

Here's how it works...

(1) Follow "The Donut Guy" on Facebook, this is where the orders and delivery information will take place.

(2) Sometime on Wednesday, Gonzalez will make a post opening the order process on a first come first served basis. Choose your donuts and your pickup location.

(3) Within the next 24 hours you'll receive confirmation if you were able to claim one of the first 450 dozen. (4) Sunday you'll meet Gonzalez at the designated pickup location and pay for your newly acquired treasure with cash or PayPal.

We're two weeks in on this and it's SUPER slick!

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