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6 Fun Board Games to Check Out While Practicing Social Distance

So the CDC is suggesting that we not congregate in groups any larger than 10 people and it's really putting a crimp in people's social lives and their avenues for entertainment. To help combat the added boredom that you're likely experiencing at the hands of COVID-19 we tapped on our local board games expert Paul Charchian to get a handful of ideas for some of the best board games available today.

Now, if you haven't heard Charch talk about board games before, we're not about to give you a list consisting of Monopoly and The Game of Life and all the old traditionals...these are well though out, really in-depth and fun board games most of which have been developed in the last 10 or so years.

So here are a handful of board games, straight from Paul Charchian that you should check out during your periods of self-quarantine...and as Charch always says the links below are to Amazon but especially in these days consider supporting your local board games shop.


This would seem a little apropos given the circumstances of our world, but for real this is the game that's at the top of his list.

"Players work together to span the globe and attempt to eradicate four killer pathogens. If you're going to buy one game from this list, this is the one." [link]


"A beautifully illustrated game that challenges players to find commonality between pieces of artwork. It’s perfect for non-gamers." [link]

Betrayal at The House on the Hill

"Everyone plays as kids rummaging through a haunted house. You’ll work together….until the house turns one of you into a betrayer." [link]

Secret Hitler

"It’s fascists vs liberals during Hitler’s rise to power in early ‘30s Germany.In this game of secret identity, the liberals try to root out the fascists and eventually figure out who among you is Hitler." [link]


"It’s Tetris in a board game. Easy, fun, and fast. This is my top recommendation for people who have a spouse who is hesitant about playing games." [link]

Ticket To Ride

"Set in 1800s America, you’ll try to construct rail lines between cities, while simultaneously trying to thwart the construction plans of the other players." [link]

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