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3 Great ways to get exercise while you self-quarantine or shelter in place

If you're anything like me, your first week of self-quarantining and working from home went hand in hand with an uptick in snacking and sitting around the house. We're not walking around the office, we're not getting out of the house, we're hunkered down...avoiding COVID-19 and attempting to flatten the curve.

With that, maybe more importantly now than ever we need to be deliberate about moving our bodies. But the gyms are shutdown and it's still winter outside here in Minnesota so what are you supposed to do? Below we have four great ideas that are free or comparatively affordable and would work perfect for both adults and kids to get off the couch and move their body.

(1) Video Games

Many of you have video game systems in your homes that are getting a little extra use with everybody trapped inside. But did you know that there are some great games that you can purchase to get up and exercise as well? Take the Nintendo Switch for example, they have a game that is meant for this and it's a fun adventure that forces you to exercise to battle monsters and move throughout the world. It's called "Ring Fit Adventure" and it comes with a Pilates ring and leg strap that links up to the controllers and allows the game to track your movements. More than 100 levels and 20 worlds on the adventure track and then you can simply develop a workout plan as well and hit the virtual gym! Ring Fit Adventure is $79.99 and available here.

Don't have a Switch (or do have a Switch)? Another great option for gaming and moving is Just Dance 2020. The newest 2020 version just came out and features dozens of the most popular songs that you can dance and score to. Looking for more? Subscribe to Just Dance Unlimited for a nominal monthly fee and you will have access to all the songs from previous versions of the game featuring an ever growing list 500+ songs already. Just Dance 2020 is available for digital download or hard copy for $19.99, learn more here.

(2) YouTube Yoga (and other exercises)

Free episodes of YouTube Yoga are available left and right online and the best part is something called Cosmic Kids Yoga which features kids yoga lessons that are themed after popular movies, video games and other kids things and it takes normal yoga moves and makes them accessible for the kiddos.

(3) Instagram/IGTV

In today's day and age many a person has found digital success leading exercise routines through their Instagram and IGTV accounts. Most are actually professional fitness professionals doing a little side-hustle and others get their full income from these channels. You can find many channels on both exercises and nutrition and pair them together for a whole body experience.

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