Sloter says he’s ‘not a master’ of offense yet [Viking Update]

By: Tim Yotter |

Three weeks ago, QB Kyle Sloter was toward the end of an impressive rookie preseason with the Denver Broncos.

Since then, however, Sloter’s career path has been altered. He went from waived by the Broncos to being signed to the practice squad of the Minnesota Vikings for nearly three times the minimum salary. Two weeks later, he was promoted to the 53-man roster for another bump in pay. And, one day later, he was an NFL game-day active quarterback.

Two injuries in Minnesota paved the path for Sloter.

First, third-string quarterback Taylor Heinicke was hurt in the preseason and initially placed on injured reserve, prompting the decision to sign Sloter to the practice squad. When it became clear that the swollen left knee of starting QB Sam Bradford might not allow him to play on Sunday, the Vikings promoted Sloter and had him ready on the sidelines if Case Keenum had been hurt on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Sloter wasn’t used, but he says he would have been ready if needed only two weeks into studying the Vikings offense.

“I’m not a master of it quite yet like Case and Sam are, but I could go in there. I could definitely run the basic plays that we have,” he said. “I would say I could probably run 70 to 80 percent of the playbook successfully, but that’s going to come with time. I think here in the next couple weeks I’ll have it down pretty good.”

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