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VOTE #PSTVVI: Paul Allen Region Part 2 (round 1)

The Paul Allen Region Part 2 (Round 1)

#6 ESPN’S The Jump: “If perhaps [Andrew] Wiggins would’ve grew up in the States instead of Canada maybe he’d be a lot tougher….they make good comedians, they don’t make toughness”

#11 Torii Hunter: S aid Joe Mauer “Might be the best first baseman I’ve ever seen”

#3 Tom Chorske: I'm ok with Wild losing game 1 because I believe they have better chance to win series if they can win gms 2 and 3. It's kinda a long explanation after that but that's my philosophy”

#14 Fox Sports: promo said “Saturday two Big 10 Heavyweights collide as Minnesota faces Ohio State”

#7 Bob Diaco: on the Oklahoma defense against Alabama’s offense, “When you get on the grass with a great offense trying to compete, it’s like you’re in a space shuttle re-entering the atmosphere. You’re not flying at 8,000 feet. It’s like re-entering the atmosphere in a space shuttle. You know you’ve got to be perfect. If you’re off a few degrees, you burn up the fuselage.”

#10 Bob Nightengale (USA Today): The New York #Yankees always thought their greatest trade in franchise history was stealing Babe Ruth from the #Redsox . The Didi Gregorius heist from the #Dbacks is now entering the discussion. The dude is hitting .364 with 9 homers, 29 RBI and a staggering 1.290 OPS”

#2 Jason McIntyre (FS1): “Ben Simmons and Lebron together would not work. You need shooters around Ben Simmons. I know it sounds crazy but guys like Belinelli, Redick, and Covington mean more to Simmons than Lebron would.”

#15 Paul Charchian: After Vikings lost to Buffalo, he tweeted “ The reason this Viking loss is worse than 41-Donut is because of the quality of opponent.”

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