ESPN's College GameDay All But Confirms a Trip To Minnesota

ESPN's College GameDay

With the Gophers in Evanston getting ready to battle Northwestern, ESPN's College GameDay previewed the match-up. After an interview with P.J. Fleck and a some brief analysis highlighting the Gophers offense, the guys closed the segment with the following:

Kirk Herbstreit: Can you imagine that scene next week in Minneapolis with Wisconsin playing Minnesota if they can both win today? That would be crazy.
Rece Davis: Significant GameDay implications at Northwestern coming up in a little bit.
Kirk Herbstreit: That would be a wild scene.

That is some serious foreshadowing. It appears that GameDay has all but committed to coming to Dinkytown next week, pending what should be a Minnesota victory today. It would be the show's first appearance in Minnesota and would make a de facto Big Ten West title game somehow even bigger.

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